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   Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves for as low as 79 eur. If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Ljubljana, or from Bled lake Slovenia, you landed at the right address. Guests in Slovenia planning to make a tour to Skocjan caves often find out that public transportation connecting cities in Slovenia is low-cost, but can be very slow or even non-existent. Particularly is that the case if you are not in one of the bigger cities or more popular tourist resorts in Slovenia.

  Our company can offer you a very comfortable and affordable transportation solution for your visit to the Skocjan caves. We provide private door to door transfers from any city or tourist spot in Slovenia and will take you directly to the entrance of Skocjan Caves. The best offer is both ways transfer to Skocjan caves from Ljubljana or Bled, where you pay just one-way transfer and drivers waiting time, return back to your hotel or apartment is free. We also organize airport transfers with a meet and greet to Skocjan caves or Lipica from the main international airport in Slovenia, namely Jože Pučnik Ljubljana airport or from the airports in the vicinity of Slovenia, Trieste, Venice, Klagenfurt or Vienna.

  All transfers to or from Skocjan caves are private, custom made and adjusted to your personal schedule. As mentioned above, a private transfer is often the best way to reach Skocjan caves. Quite often it happens than traveling with uncomfortable and crowded buses or trains doesn't save you much money, but it will consume a lot of your time. We are happy to offer you standard limousines cars, spacious station wagon cars, and Minivans for 6 or 8 passengers. Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to answer your question and send a quote for your trip to the caves. Call or WhatsApp us at +386 41 281 228, we will answer you in English, German and Russian. Or send us an email inquiry on


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Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Ljubljana city 79 eur
Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from LJU airport    99 eur
Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Bled lake       129 eur
Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Bohinj lake   149 eur
Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Kranjska G.  159 eur
Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Villach           169 eur
Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Klagenfurt    169 eur
Return transfer to Skocjan caves from Ljubljana 129 eur
Return transfer to Skocjan caves from Bled lake  179 eur

  * price for transfers and trips with standard sedan car


Skocjan caves basic information:


  The karst of Slovenia is full of natural wonders. Our karst region has it all: underground caves, rivers and even small lakes. One of the most interesting natural creations is without a doubt the Škocjan Caves, the largest underground canyon in Europe. Skocjan caves were the first Slovenian site listed at UNESCO World Natural Heritage list already back in 1986 .Skocjan cave underground canyon is more than 100m high and has many kilometers of the path inside the cave that will take you on incredible bridges where you will see many amazing waterfalls, halls, stalactites and stalagmites. Surrounding of Škocjan Caves is an area protected as a regional park. Usually, you need to be at the venue 30 minutes before the tour starts in order to buy tickets, in summertime, it is recommended to be even a bit earlier. The normal length of the tour in total is 2 hours. No matter the time of the year take some warm clothes with you, the temperature inside the cave is around 10 degrees, all year around.

Information on Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves page provides core information on transfers and tours inside Slovenia.For more detailed pricing for customized tours to Skocjan caves Slovenia and transfers, please use direct contact email. Taxi Ljubljana Skocjan caves, or taxi Ljubljana to Skocjan caves with Minivan can be provided also on short notice. All custom made private tours from Ljubljana to Skocjan caves Slovenia are provided with local, English speaking drivers. Trips to Skocjan caves, Slovenia are organized while taking in account Slovenian and local transportation and tour organization laws. Airtrail is the only provider and organizer for listed custom tailored tours and transfers in Skocjan. Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Bohinj lake and Taxi transfer to Skocjan caves from Kranjska gora are provided in asociation with local shuttle companies .Tours or day trips to Skocjan caves from Trieste Italy, or Opatija Croatia are not listed, but available on demand.Geo tag Skojan,Skokjan, Skocyan caves, Skocjan tours

Getting from the airport

   When your visit to Slovenia starts with flying in, you will land on Slovenia´s main international airport Ljubljana or in slovenian aerodrom Jožeta Pučnika.If you didn´t pre-book a transfer to your destination, there are a few options available. The quickest is to take taxi stationed right in front of the exit from the airport building. Of course like everywhere in the world this type of transfer is the most expensive one. Using one of the taxis from the airport taxi stand to the city center of Ljubljana, which is some 25 km away, will cost you some 60 eur. Much cheaper are low-cost taxi companies as Airtrail, that offer transfers from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana city per flat rate of 30 eur. Problem is just you need to prebook them in advance, otherwise you will wait some 30 minutes on your cab, which is not something you want after a long flight.


  Even cheaper are shuttle companies standing at the parking place across the main airport terminal. They offer shared ride transfers with Minivan to the city Ljubljana for 10 eur per person, what is a fair price, specially because some of the companies offer door to door service per same flat rate. Of course there is also a downside, like always. Sometimes you can wait for your shuttle bus for a full hour and if you travel in company with two others, price per person is the same if you book low cost taxi for 30 eur. That will cost you the same, just your driver will wait for you in front of the arrivals terminal exit, with your name on a small board, ready to go. After you hop in your cab, driving to city center should not take more than 25 minutes.


  Third option is public transport. There is no train from the airport, only one bus line. Bus drives regularly from 5:00h in morning till 20:00h in the evening every full hour. Bus ticket to Ljubljana main station will cost you 4.5 eur and yourney last approximately 45 minutes.Tickets are purchased on the bus, all the buses are clean and safe. Checked personally :)


  What ever you gona choose, people in Slovenia are always friendly to visitors and likewise drivers. In Slovenia there is no such thing as obligatory tip. However the habit is to tip at some 10% and please look in the eyes when talking to or shaking hand. That is something slovenians pay great attention to. Not looking in the eyes of your counterpart means you´re not honest. Honesty and nature is something people in this small but unbelivable beautiful country value the most.


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