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Low cost taxi transfers to austrian towns from Ljubljana Slovenia


  Taxi transfer to Austria from Ljubljana airport Slovenia. The main international airport Ljubljana- Brnik in Slovenia is situated near to Slovenian-Austrian border. Because of that Ljubljana airport is often used by passengers of Austrian nationality from nearby Villach and Klagenfurt. The Ljubljana airport is situated at 77 kilometers distance from Villach and at 64 kilometers from Klagenfurt in Austria. Please scroll down for the cost of taxi transfers, contact information or you can book a pick up online via this link.


    Throughout history, Austria situated in the center of Europe has always played a special role: as a bridge-builder, as a meeting place, and as a venue for cultural exchange. Today Austria is full of rich culture, especially in Vienna, where white Lipizzaner horses move to the tunes of classical music, angelic choir boys pledge their innocence, innovative and provocative theatre inspire, and classical music calms you down.


    When talking about Austria, one would first think about the mountains, valleys, and lakes of Austria. They are legendary and provide one of the world’s most spectacular backdrops for outdoor fun. Dominating the country is the towering eastern Alps, where in winter skiers and snowboarders test their skills. In summer, some of the winter ski trails complement vast networks of hiking or mountain-biking trails, often serviced by a cable car. Austria’s thousands of lakes are also excellent places in summer for swimming and relaxing. Some of them are quite chilly and glacial, others warm, splashy playgrounds. Thanks to the modest size of most towns, the great outdoor activities are never too far away.


    Airtrail transfer company offers private transfer and airport shuttle connections from Ljubljana airport, Ljubljana city, and from tourist destinations in Slovenia to all Austrian towns. All our prices are fixed, no additional costs for extra luggage, holidays, night driving or extra time spend on the way in summer traffic jams. Our vehicle park includes sedan cars, station wagons, and minivans for up to 8 people. Cars are on average 3 years old, regularly checked and air-conditioned. All our drivers speak at least one foreign language and have a government-issued license for providing taxi services. For more information on services and prices call our number +386 41 281 228, we speak English, German, Russian and Serbian. You can also send us an email inquiry to:


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Fixed transfer prices, no additional hidden costs:


Taxi transfer to Austria airport Klagenfurt 95 eur

Taxi transfer to Austria airport Graz  189 eur

Taxi transfer to Austria airport Salzburg 250 eur *

Taxi transfer to Austria airport Vienna  319 eur

Taxi transfer to Austria Villach 90 eur *

Taxi transfer to Austria Velden 90 eur *

Taxi transfer to Austria Maria Worth 90 eur*

Taxi transfer to Austria Spittal 120 eur *

Taxi transfer to Austria Linz 330 eur *

Taxi transfer to Austria Innsbruck 360 eur *


   * tunnel fees not included transfer with sedan for 3 people



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Getting from the airport Ljubljana

  When your visit to Slovenia starts with flying in, you will land at Slovenia´s main international airport Ljubljana or in Slovenian aerodrom Jožeta Pučnika. If you didn´t pre-book a transfer to your destination, there are a few options available. The quickest is to take a taxi stationed right in front of the exit from the airport building. Of course like everywhere in the world this type of transfer is the most expensive one. Using one of the taxis from the airport taxi stand to the city center of Ljubljana, which is some 25 km away, will cost you some 60 euro. Much cheaper are low-cost taxi companies as Airtrail, which offer transfers from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana city at a flat rate of 30 euro. The problem is just you need to prebook them in advance, otherwise, you will wait some 30 minutes on your cab, which is not something you want after a long flight.


  Even cheaper are minibus shuttle companies standing at the parking place across the main airport terminal. They offer shared ride transfers with Minivan to the city of Ljubljana for 10 euros per person. Which is a fair price, especially because some of the companies offer door-to-door service at the same flat rate. Of course, there is also a downside to shared shuttle rides, like always. Sometimes you can wait for your shuttle bus for a full hour and if you travel in company with two others, the price per person is the same as if you book a low cost taxi for 30 euro. That will cost you the same, just your driver will wait for you in front of the arrivals terminal with a name board, ready to go. After you hop in your cab, driving to the city center should not take more than 25 minutes.


  The third option is public transport. There is no train from the airport, only one bus line. The Bus drives regularly from 5:00h in the morning till 20:00h in the evening every full hour. A bus ticket to Ljubljana main train station will cost you 4.5 euro and the journey lasts approximately 45 minutes. Tickets are purchased on the bus, all the buses are clean and safe. Checked personally :)


  Whatever means of transportation you gonna choose, people in Slovenia are always friendly to visitors and likewise cab and bus drivers. In Slovenia, there is no such thing as an obligatory tip. However, the habit is to tip at some 10%, and please look in the eyes when talking to or shaking hands. That is something Slovenians pay great attention to. Not looking in the eyes of your counterpart means you´re not honest. Honesty and nature are two things people in this small but unbelievable beautiful country value the most.


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