Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina

Low cost private transfer to Rogaška Slatina health resort


   Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Slovenia´s main international airport-Ljubljana Jože Pučnik. Rogaška Slatina is located in the east of Slovenia. It is 116 kilometers away from Ljubljana´s airport and the ride lasts about hour and half.


   Rogaška Slatina is an old health resort with four centuries of tradition.Legend says that the Greek god Apollo commanded the mythical winged horse Pegasus to strike its hoof against the ground. Rogaška spring flowed from that spot the same day, spring of health and pure divine power. That healing power of Donat Mg is known even today. The spa’s true prosperity starts in the second half of 19th century, when this fashionable tourist destination was visited by imperial families and nobility from all of Europe. Today, the Rogaška Spa is known for its largest medical centre in Slovenia with the most complete offer for health and beauty. Rogaška Spa has an impressive central treatment park which is one of the finest examples of clear classicist concept of pure lines in urbanism and architecture.


    Airtrail taxi offers fixed price private transfer connection from airport Ljubljana to Rogaška Slatina for 99 eur.For small groups up to 8 people we offer minivan costing 140 eur.We speak english,german,russian and serbian.Call us for more information at +386-41-281-228 or send an email on:


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Price for door to door private transfer:


Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Brnik Jože P. 99 eur

Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Ljubljana 90 eur

Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Bled 130 eur

Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Trieste 189 eur

Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Klagenfurt 189 eur

Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Vienna 299 eur

Taxi transfer to Rogaška Slatina from Venice 290 eur


    *transfer with passenger sedan car for up to 3 occupants


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Getting from the airport

   When your visit to Slovenia starts with flying in, you will land on Slovenia´s main international airport Ljubljana or in slovenian aerodrom Jožeta Pučnika.If you didn´t pre-book a transfer to your destination, there are a few options available. The quickest is to take taxi stationed right in front of the exit from airport building. Of course like everywhere on the world this way of traveling is the most expensive. Using one of the taxis from airport taxi stand to the capital Ljubljana, which is some 25 km away, will cost you some 40 eur.Much cheaper are low cost taxi companies as Airtrail that offer fixed price 25 eur to Ljubljana city. Problem is just you need to prebook them otherwise you will wait some 30 minutes on your cab, which is not something you want after a long flight.


  Even cheaper are shuttle companies standing on parking place across the main terminal. They offer shared ride transfer to the capital Ljubljana for 8-9 eur, what is  a fair price, specialy because some of the companies offer door to door service per flat rate. Of course ther is also a downside, like always.  Sometimes you can wait for your shuttle bus for a full hour and if you travel in company with two others it is cheaper to book low cost taxi for 25 eur. That will cost you less and driver will wait for you in front of the exit, with your name on small board, ready to go


  Third option is public transport. There is no train from the airport, only bus. Bus drives regulary from 5:00h in morning till 20:00h every full hour. Ticket to Ljubljana will cost you 4.5 eur and yourney last approximately 45 minutes.Tickets are purchased on bus, all buses are clean and safe. Checked personaly :)


  What ever you gona choose, people in Slovenia are always friendly to visitors and likewise drivers. In Slovenia there is no such thing as obligatory tip. However the habit is to tip at some 10% and please look in the eyes when talking to or shaking hand. That is something slovenians pay great attention. Not looking in the eyes of your counterpart means you´re not honest. Honesty and nature is something people in this small but unbelivable beautiful country value the most.


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