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Hello dear guest!

In front of you is a brand new blog related to our transfer company Airtrail Slovenia. Probably you think now, what should a transfer company post on their blog page?! Let me answer you. Our whole blog idea is to post our experience when traveling together with our customers. Sometimes we will post just a basic travel report with some pictures we make, more offten we intend to present to you stories we get to know on our jurneys. You will not belive, how many interesting people we meet and you get to know people quite well when you drive them for hours!

Right here under should now be already our first blog, but since there is now in our branche a high season and we donĀ“t want to repost old things, you will need to wait a bit. What I will give you for a firts time are some nice pictures from our webpages.

Hear us soon!


piran slovenia




More pictures you can find here: http://www.airportljubljana.co/Sightseeing_tour.php



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Hello! Nice post! Please do keep us posted when we can see a follow up!

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